Pin cable coiler

For coiling flexible cables

RV800 is designed to coil cables and flexible tubes.  The machine is easy to move as it is mounted on a structure with swiveling, self-locking wheels. It may be connected to SAMEC cut / strip machines or cutting machines and, with the aid of an encoder and external sensor, it can also function with non-SAMEC machines.

RV800 contains a rotating platform with pins which are raised during the coiling process and protected by a plexiglass case. When the coiling is complete, the cover automatically lifts and the pins retract into the base, easing the removal of the coil.

To start the next cycle, the operator simply closes the case and presses a foot pedal.

Careful electronic control of the motor allows the operator to automatically adjust the coiling speed to match the speed of the cut / strip machines, resulting in perfect coils.