Electronic cut, strip & unjacket machine

For single core and multicore cables

TSA10 is designed for the processing of insulated and uninsulated single core and multicore cables. The machine counts the batch, measures the cutting length, strips and unjackets without needing to change blades. Through an easy-to-use control panel with a 10” touchscreen display, the operator can constantly overview the work in progress, set and correct batch parameters, and receive diagnostic information.

The cable length dimension is obtained from an encoder and the cable is fed through the machine by two groups of drive rollers. The cutting unit and blades are designed to ensure maximum reliability and longevity.

TSA10 is equipped for inline processing with other Samec machines, including motorized cable dereelers, prefeeders, wire markers and stackers – the machines are linked by interface connectors, allowing signal exchange between machines and centralized management of emergencies.